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Newport Coach Tours 
Newport derives its name from being a town that once existed as a port since medieval days. Thereafter a Norman castle was built to establish legislative rule in the town. With the coming of the coal export business, the port became busy and the town of Newport started to rapidly expand especially in the 19th century. 
Today Newport is one of those beautiful tourist destinations to visit and explore as a tourist. As Newport minibus Hire Company, we are introducing you to our coach tours through the city and together we explore the monuments and medieval buildings that still stand today. Later on, we can take you to some of the best concerts in town in a luxurious Mercedes 16 seater or a posh Ford Transit coach. 
Things to Do in Newport  
If you travelling together as a group, we may as well recommend one of our 72 seater Volvos complete with air-conditioning and on-board drinks. As minibus hire in Newport Company that has been in business for years, we want you to feel relaxed as we teach you a little history of the town and the common attractions loved by many. 
The Tredegar House 
This is a magnificent castle to visit if you want a taste of how the rich lived in the 17th century. The house was completed in mid 16th century with a beautiful garden surrounding it. Today the garden still stands and looks as immaculate; inside you will find guides ready to give you a tour through the rooms giving details on what happened in each of them. During festive seasons like Christmas or Halloween, there are plenty of concerts and events held at the Tredegar House; you could be lucky and find one happening. 
Newport Transporter Bridge 
This bridge crosses the River Usk and is considered to be one of the weirdest bridges in Wales. Weird because it is one of the oldest technologies used on a bridge; probably technology that goes back to 100 years. It is an aerial bridge that transports people to and fro using suspended cables worked by a pulley system above. Which begs the question; why didn’t they build a footbridge in the first place?  
According to the engineers of the time, the River Usk receives the lowest tides at this particular point which meant ferries cannot reach the banks and building a bridge required high level of skill that would have required millions of pounds to execute. This is why the Newport suspended bridge had to be built, and though technology has advanced to come up with a better solution, this bridge still serves the purpose it was meant for to date. 
The Dolman Theatre  
It was part of the Kingsway Shopping Mall before branching off and becoming an independent theatre. Today Dolman is one of the busiest theatres around with shows, plays, concerts and public speeches held there on a regular basis. Inside, the theatre has a large sitting capacity with great viewing angles all pointing at the stage in front. Book a ticket, pick an evening and go enjoy the best plays from local talent or international performances from renowned artists. 
Newport Market  
This market is centuries old (from the 18th century to be precise) and its uniqueness is the fact that it’s an in house shopping area. More of its beauty is its pristine location, which is within a medieval design building that it is hard to imagine there is a market within it. It is said the best butchers in Newport are located here, constantly supplying choice beef, fish and poultry products. You will also find fishmongers, vegetable and fruit stalls, bakeries, gift shops as well as clothing stalls.  
Beechwood Park 
Beechwood Park is open to the public and you can go hang out in the 30 acre manicured grass and pitch your picnic mat. You can also host ball games or team building activities on a spot of your choice overlooking the beautiful landscapes. An added attraction within the park is the Beechwood Victorian mansion that was part of the estate that is now a public green space. 
Events in Newport 
Ghosts (A Haunted Tale of Scandinavian Sexuality), Dolman Theatre, Newport Wales (12th-16th April 2016) 
Singin’ in the Rain, Dolman Theatre, Newport Wales (27th April 2016) 
The Graduate (An Adaptation by Terry Johnson), Dolman Theatre (10th-14th May 2016) 
The Glee (The Best Live Stand-up comedy), Glee-Cardiff Comedy Club, Newport (1st April 2016) 
Funeral for a Friend, Cardiff Students Union, Newport (6th April 2016) 
Pvris Rock Band Concert, Cardiff Students Union, Newport (8th April 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
As Newport minibus Hire Company, we provide quality service with all our coach tours as we help you explore this medieval port town. We will take you to all the attractions on your itinerary and even make pit stops at locations you discover on the way. Visit our minibus hire in Newport website today and explore our great discounts on city tours.