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Newport – Minibus Hire with Driver 

Most people consider the quality of the vehicle and the rates when the consider hiring a minibus. While these factors are important, they ignore another very important consideration, the driver. The role of the driver can never be understated. In fact, the the very lives of group members depend on how well the driver navigates the vehicle on hire. 
When you opt for minibus hire with driver in Newport, consider the following factors, over and above the usual considerations. 
The skill of the driver: Only fly-by-night operators or outright fraudsters would deploy a driver without proper licence for coach trips, but yet in happens. It never hurts to cross-check the obvious. In any case, a mere licence to drive a minibus or coach would not be reflective of the driving skills. It takes years of experience, driving under various traffic situations, and climatic conditions, before a driver can be called skillful. Our Newport minibus hire service deploys drivers who have all the relevant licence, and also considerable years of experience driving related type of vehicles. For instance, drivers who handle our double decker coaches have considerable experience and expertise with large vehicles, and would be able to deliver a smooth and seamless trip to passengers. An inexperienced or novice driver may not be in full control of the vehicle, may drive slowly, drive at an uneven pace, and press the brakes often, all leading to an uncomfortable trip, leave alone the risk of accidents. 
The psychological state of the driver: A driver, by nature, may be rude, arrogant, and uncooperative. He may strictly go by the book, without paying heed to customer requests. At another level, he may be too stressed out, or tired, having started a new trip immediately after completing another trip. All these situations can not just spoil your trip, but are outright danger situation, which can compromise both the comfort and safety of your group. With our Newport minibus hire service, we make sure the driver is always in the right frame of mind to take a trip, and is coming back after adequate rest. We train our drivers in customer care, specifically how to deal with passengers. Our drivers are always focused on their job, and remain fully alert, and sober, during the trip, even when the trip is a nites out or similar trip. 
Coordination between the provider and the driver: The driver is very often the only points man of the minibus company. The customer support representative can promise the moon and collect payment for the same, but it is up to the driver to deliver or make good the promises. Unless the coach company has well established systems and procedures in place, and there is effective communication between the customer support or marketing team and the drivers, miscommunication and confusions are sure to take place, and passengers are bound to feel cheated. For instance, the customer support team may promise a halt at a scenic spot, en-route an airport transfer trip. However, the driver may feign ignorance, and take the trip through another route altogether. When you avail our minibus hire in Newport, such instances will never take place. We have well honed systems in place, and our workforce, including customer support agents, drivers, and everyone else, works as an effective team, with a focus on delighting the customer. 
We offer the best minibus hire with driver in Newport, with high end vehicles such as Ford Transit, Mercedes 16 seater, Volvos, and Iveco coaches, top notch service, and the lowest rates in town. To reserve your coach, fill up the online booking form, or contact customer support now.